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Infertility is increasingly a cause for concern in today's world. Use of different chemicals in diets, smoking materials, and lifestyle all play a significant role behind the infertility of men and women. In many situations, medications like Clomiphene are quite helpful. Clomiphene is used as a stimulator which helps in the release of the hormones necessary for ovulation and childbearing in women. Clomiphene is most often used when the ovaries have the ability to produce eggs, but the hormone stimulation is not enough to complete the process. Clomiphene will trigger the release of the hormones required for you to be able to get pregnant.

Clomiphene citrate is the clinical name of Clomiphene, and it is a very stimulating yet non-steroidal in nature. With careful management, most patients can get pregnant when using it properly. It can affect various glands and organs and related hormones such as the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, vagina, ovary, and cervix. It initiates a chain of events within the body, and should result in proper ovulation. Women trying to become pregnant usually take Clomiphene for the first five days of their monthly cycle.

If we talk about Clomiphene and male infertility, it is also effective for treating infertility in men as well as women. Clomiphene for men triggers the productions of hormones which are responsible for producing sperm. Men who are struggling with low sperm count can purchase Clomiphene and might soon get rid of their infertility issues.

Clomiphene is available in different brand names, but Clomid is the one most commonly used. There are many reasons behind its success such as the fact that it is a tablet, and many women donít care for the normal injections of drugs used for treatment of infertility. In addition, Clomiphene can be easily purchased. It is quite inexpensive when compared to other infertility drugs., and it is helpful to have versions are available for both men and women.

If you are unsure how to take Clomid, ask your doctor for directions and the right dosage you should be taking. Usually Clomiphene 50 mg is the strength most commonly taken. Clomiphene 50 mg is taken for five days at a time starting on day 3 of your menstrual cycle. If no improvements are produced by Clomiphene 50 mg, your doctor may advise you to use Clomiphene with higher dosages like 150 mg or more.

When you use Clomiphene, you may realize that the drug can have many side effects, but not nearly as many that other fertility drugs usually carry. Mood swings and nausea are the ones most commonly experienced, and you may also experience breast tenderness and hot flashes, etc. The side effects may continue as long as you take the medicine, or they may fade away as your body becomes used to the medication. Once you stop using Clomiphene, the side effects should stop altogether. Another rather interesting side effect of the drug is that it can cause you to create twin babies. If you are taking Clomiphene as your infertility treatment drug, there is a significant chance that you might have more than one baby resulting from your pregnancy. Sometimes triplets can occur while on Clomiphene, but that is a rare occurrence. Another side effect can be a thinning of the uterus lining which then actually prevents pregnancy. For that reason and others, doctors prescribe Clomiphene 50 mg more frequently than higher dosages since higher doses increase the risks of severe side effects.

Women often prefer Clomiphene because its success rate is so good. Usually 50% of women get pregnant after taking Clomiphene for six consecutive months. However, if it fails to produce a viable pregnancy, other options are available.

Clomiphene is also used for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome which is a hormonal disorder in women. However, only a doctor can diagnose this problem and recommend possible treatments for it. You cannot take these types of hormonal drugs without consulting with your doctor first since the wrong medication can cause serious issues, and prevent you from conceiving altogether.

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